Friendly meeting with Alejandro Sanz during the tour “Don’t touch the music”

Ndp - SANZ con LABOR VIVA en Murcia - perfil    

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Today we release our blog sharing a memorable moment !

Alejandro Sanz,   before his concert in the city of  Murcia ( Spain ),  wanted to meet with some special fans – the disabled workers of FEYCSA LABOR VIVA. 

FEYCSA is a NON-PROFIT company set up to promote a social training and work integration for disabled persons.  Through our brand  – LABOR VIVA – we offer many fully personalizable items,  hand crafted and custom designed,  and a unique stationery collection with can be designed to the customers’own specifications.    Alejandro Sanz has been working closely for four years in giving support to LABOR VIVA.

Thanks  his generous help and support,  LABOR VIVA has been able to carry out many differents projects;  a little notebook wich includes the most famous lyrics of the great composer and singer ; a customized diary with pictures signed by the artist himself,   wich has a lovely cover featuring tweets posted by fans of Alejandro Sanz  with wonderful messages supporting  the work of LABOR VIVA.

Only a few  workers were able to go to the concert.   FEYCSA (LABOR VIVA)  nowdays employs  more than 50 disabled workers  (95% of its workforce). Alejandro Sanz was very friendly and congratulated for showing how people could overcome difficulties.  He received some gifts produced in LABOR VIVA Factory ;  a 2014 Diary and a fully customized E-Book – tablet cover,  on wich we have been working very hard in order to release a new collection by Christmas.

Disabled workers also gave some presents to Alejandro’s children;   school diaries and colouring books wich included messages of support for   students and teaching centers.

“LABOR DE TODOS”  as we have called our blog could be translated as  “A MISSION FOR ALL”. With this message we want to communicate that our company needs the cooperation of everyone:   The most important  thing is  the selfconfidence of our workers.  Of course,  we very much apreciate the support of Alejandro Sanz,  but even more,  we appreciate the support of the less well known  persons who buy our products  at  and suggest that their friends to do the same through different social networks as twitter or facebook.

It is thanks to all of you that we can continue  creating employment for disabled people.

Finally, we recommend that you watch a short video of our meeting with Alejandro Sanz and other videos about FEYCSA’s  activities on our youtube channel called DOCUVIVA in our new tecnology section.

We hope you enjoy it and share it !

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Somos una empresa sin ánimo de lucro que ayuda a otras empresas y particulares a crear empleo para personas con discapacidad ofreciendo servicios y productos que facilitan la vida. Somos conocidos por nuestras actividades; LABOR VIVA, DOCUVIVA, SERVICIOS... pero queremos que conozcas quiénes las hacen posible

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